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Understanding information measures

Bytes (8 bits) 1 byte – one character 10 bytes – one word 100 bytes – one sentence Kilobyte (1000^1 bytes) 1 Kilobyte – one paragraph 2 Kilobytes – typewritten page 10 Kilobytes – page out of an excyclopedia 100 … Continue reading

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Knowledge economy and information

A knowledge based economy places emphasis on generating knowledge assets such as codified human expertise, research and development (R&D), intellectual, financial, health and education services. In the knowledge economy, markets are increasingly competitive and innovation is in constant demand. Fast … Continue reading

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Information glut

Zettabyte of information – a new nerdy term! It is a known fact that the volume of information that we encounter during a single day in the 21st century is more than a person received in a lifetime at the … Continue reading

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Welcome to Intellobics!

Intellobics is a form of mental exercise designed to enhance cognitive abilities, improve thinking, foster mind capabilities, and lessen the impact of aging on our mind! This blog offers some thoughts about four great questions: Why should we learn new … Continue reading

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