Originally published by The Grey Journal (TGJ), Volume 17, Number 3, Autumn 2021.

INIS was established in May 1970, as a mechanism to provide access to a comprehensive collection of references to the world’s nuclear literature. It has grown from a modest 25-member endeavour to a unique global information resource with a membership of 132 countries. INIS maintains a repository of over 4.4 million bibliographic records, of which 2 million are full text. In 2020, 1.7 million unique visitors made over 2.5 million searches, viewing 4 million web pages.
This paper discusses how INIS operates, the role of its members, the importance of international cooperation, its contribution to nuclear science, its information sharing goals, and the benefits to society of open access to nuclear information.

Keywords: INIS; nuclear information

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Dobrica Savić