Author: Dobrica Savić

  • Don’t sacrifice progress by insisting on perfection.
  • Actions convert our dreams into reality.
  • Without data, you are just another person with an opinion.
  • Happiness is not about getting all you want, it is about enjoying what you have.
  • Some people worked all their life in a library, but never read a single book. Many people spend their life on the Internet but never learn anything.
  • If you want to help don’t tell me why something can not be done. Tell me how to do it.
  • To achieve our goals quickly, we need to eliminate the “nice-to-haves”.
  • Innovation could be sometimes horribly exhausting but it is always tremendously exciting.
  • Life can be very complicated but the path to happiness is always simple.
  • When you give, you gain.
  • Life flow can not be stopped but it can be changed.
  • A good laugh cures the soul.
  • Real happiness is always within.
  • Our destiny is not the result of coincidences. It is determined by our choices.
  • What we can achieve is only up to us.
  • New day, new opportunities.
  • Everything that happens to us must make sense at least to someone.
  • We are all geniuses, or at least we think so.

© Dobrica Savić